Marketing is a core business component in the aviation industry

Where the environment is highly competitive and margins often low. Selling products and services in today's marketplace requires a specialized skill set and attention to industry needs.Our sales and marketing courses provide basic to advanced-level aviation business knowledge in the areas of marketing channels, sales management, advertising, research, consumer behavior and communications. Our courses, taught by industry leaders, will equip you to accomplish your organization's goals in new and creative ways.

Course format

This is a partner-taught or self-study course that, depending on your prior knowledge and experience, will require approximately 45 hours to complete.

Either a printed or e-book version of the course materials is provided. If it's not too much trouble, pick the arrangement when you register.

The enrollment validity, which begins on the date you purchase the course, gives you a 12-month window to complete both the course and the exam.

The suggested level for this course is Section level.

An examination will be used to evaluate performance. If it's not too much trouble, allude to the Test Data beneath for additional subtleties.

Kindly note: Whenever you have finished the test you will never again approach the course material, and after the year enlistment legitimacy lapses you will never again approach the course happy, nor can you take the test.

Airline Marketing (partner-taught or self-study)

By comprehending and implementing sound marketing principles, you can stay ahead of the competition. You will learn the fundamentals of airline marketing in this course, allowing you to easily develop a marketing strategy and carry it out. We will cover the three primary advances, examining, arranging and execution as well as the fundamental showcasing instruments utilized at each step, to foster an effective promoting plan.

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