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Our services for managing passengers and planes throughout Northern, Central, and Eastern Europe are completely authorised. We provide over 190,000 turnarounds and over 8 million passenger services per year to legacy, low-cost, charter operators, and other air airlines. Our on-time performance rate is greater than 99%.

Developed in partnership with ICAO

In order to improve the competencies and abilities of existing and future aviation professionals, the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) is seeking training partnerships with the goal of establishing agreements in all regions.

White Paper:Air Transport and Climate Change in Aviation

Everyone working in the aviation and aerospace business, including regulators and national aviation authorities, has a responsibility to do their part to decrease carbon emissions effectively and make the sector more climate resilient.

Creating sustainable air transport for future generations

Compared to aeroplanes in the late 1960s, modern aircraft today use on average 80% less fuel per seat-kilometer. But since then, there has been a substantial increase in demand for air travel, and this trend is expected to remain. Approximately 80% of people on the planet have never flown, so keep that in mind.

Course outline

Airport Ground Handling Management- Equipments and Services

Corporate Preparing, Interview Abilities, Successful Correspondence preparing, Client Relationship The executives CRM and Test. Operations of airport ground handling—terminal, ramp, aircraft exteriors, cabin, catering, and passenger services Equipment, both powered and unpowered, utilized in Terminal-Ramp operations and marshaling signals. Not many Ground Dealing with Offices/Administrators around the world. An overview of the operation's steps, including pushback, taxing, and takeoff after the aircraft has landed. A concise on supplies like tow bars, push back trucks, stuff loaders, carts, Ground Power Unit, chocks and mount jacks and so forth.

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